What is a Kiosk?

A kiosk is any combination of espresso, food and beverage, or retail merchandising modules that have been designed to create a bar, food service, or merchandising concept that meets your specific marketing, operational and branding requirements. Easy to roll in, easy to install, and as you grow, the kiosk has built-in flexibility to be able to be modified to your changing needs. In addition, if you need to relocate, you never lose your investment because the kiosk is easily moved and relocated.

Major Kiosk Advantages

Capture Premium Locations
A Cart & Kiosk Specialists kiosk allows you to capture premium locations where a traditional built-in cafe is impractical or undesirable due to space constraints, building regulations, health department requirements, or because water and drain are unavailable.

Change with Your Growing Needs
Since Cart & Kiosk Specialists kiosks are simply a combination of carts or modules that look like a finished built-in cafe, they give you total flexibility to easily change or add a module to meet your latest operational and marketing needs. If in the event you remove a module from a location, it can be easily designed into your next location, preserving your initial investment.

Upgrade to the Latest Look
Whether from wear and tear or simply the need to modernize your colors, Cart & Kiosk Specialists kiosks’ unique construction method gives you the ability to easily change out components and panels on site at minimal cost.

Reach Your Full Potential
Cart & Kiosk Specialists helps all it’s clients reach their full sales potential. We have been helping our customers, large and small, find success since 1985. Draw upon our industry experience and partner with us to fulfill your dreams.