At Cart & Kiosk Specialists we continue to set the standard for quality, style and function. Our modular designs allow you to customize your espresso cart or coffee kiosk to suit your business needs. Our carts meet and exceed most health departments standards, while giving the retail operator the ability to sell iced drinks, brewed coffee, espresso, smoothies and many other items.

Cart & Kiosk Specialists Inc carts are known for not looking like carts but more as elegant pieces of furniture. The wheels are recessed under the aluminum frame, so that your cart looks more like a beautiful bar fixture, rather that a New York hot dog street cart. This is why Cart & Kiosk Specialists coffee, espresso and beverage carts are ideal for the hotel, corporate, university and hospital lobby and dining areas, as well as the shopping mall. Besides providing a profit center for the food and beverage vender, they enhance the beauty of any area they are placed!

Cart & Kiosk carts are unquestionably the best value for the discriminating cart and kiosk operator as they are built to last a life time and allow for easy upgrading and component exchange. They surpass the competition because after many years of use, they still look as new as the first day of operation, due to the ease of component replacement. Carts and Kiosk Specialists coffee and beverage carts are ideal for food service companies, universities, sports stadiums and shopping malls as they consistently deliver the Best Return on investment.

Carts & Kiosks Construction Portofino, Venezia, Firenze

Our espresso carts and coffee kiosks are designed for optimum efficiency including easily accessible plumbing and wiring, rolling drain tanks, stainless steel pull-out hand sinks, interlocking powder-coated aluminum frames, which ensures optimum durability and strength, yet our carts are lightweight for easy maneuverability. Laminates are available in 913 different colors.


The frame on all Cart & Kiosk Specialists Espresso Carts is constructed with extruded aluminum and is lightweight, strong and durable. The overall construction gives the espresso cart the strength of stainless steel, but is half as heavy and one-third as heavy as wood, so the espresso carts are easily maneuvered to any commissary with one person. This is a signature feature of a Cart & Kiosk Specialists cart.

The framework is interlocked allowing easy replacement of individual components if damaged over time. Most components and panels can be replaced on site eliminating the need to transport the cart to a cabinetmaker, thus avoiding unnecessary downtime and cost.


The panels on all Cart & Kiosk Specialists Espresso Carts are three layers. The inside layer is heat bonded melamine with the inside flooring in black and the inside walls white. All espresso carts come standard with the center or core layer made with water resistant plywood. We do not use particle board or MDF as they do not stand up to water exposure. The outer layer is standard plastic laminate and, because Cart & Kiosk Specialists works with Formica, Wilson Art, Nevamar and Pionite, laminate choices are available in 914 colors.


The standard espresso cart is 50 Amp, single phase, 220V – 240V. The circuit breaker box is easily accessed and any electrician can work on it. Standard carts have two 4-plex 120V boxes providing a total of eight 120V outlets, with one 30 Amp single phase 220V electrical outlet for the espresso machine. The standard cord is 10 feet long and is cap ready.


The Cart & Kiosk Specialists Espresso Cart was designed to be easily repaired when needed. If your espresso cart gets damaged in any way, we can replace any specific area or portion of your cart without having to replace the whole cart. Most other brands cannot replace a portion of their cart because they have a welded frame. All components are easily accessed for fast repair.

The Cart & Kiosk Specialists Espresso Cart can be completely put together with a single Allen wrench which is provided with your cart. For those do-it-yourself owners, the Cart & Kiosk Specialists Espresso Cart was intentionally designed for you to be able to do your own repairs. All parts and components that are used can be easily found at your local hardware store, so you are not inconvenienced. (Note: if still under warranty, do not make repairs without first consulting Cart & Kiosk Specialists.)


Espresso carts and support carts are available in 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft and 8 ft lengths. The standard Cart & Kiosk Specialists espresso and support cart is 40.5″ high. The depth of all carts is 31″ with the option of a rounded façade added to the front, adding 3 more inches of usable countertop.


Four year defective frame warranty. One year warranty on all other defective parts, and ninety days labor included.


  • Semi-pneumatic casters
  • Steel base and aluminum extrusions
  • Replacement panels
  • Wide range of colors available
  • 50 amp electrical panel
  • 2 ½ gallon hot water heater
  • 6.2 cubic foot refrigerator
  • 2 – Five gallon stainless steel water tanks with quick releases
  • 12 gallon drain tank on wheels
  • Hand sink
  • Sneeze guard Protects consumables
  • Options available


  • Marble safe – cart moves easier
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Easier and less costly to replace
  • Color changes are a snap
  • Custom fit decors
  • Plenty of power for espresso machine, grinder, refrigerator, hot water tank, pumps, signage and cash register
  • Plenty of hot water for sanitation
  • More reliable than insta-hot unit
  • Holds up to 25 half gallons of milk
  • 10 gallons of fresh water for machine and hand sink.
  • Easy to take in and out
  • No lifting required
  • Easy to take in and out
  • Sanitation built-in to each cart
  • Under counter for more service space
  • Designed specifically for each model
  • Canopies, headers, doorlocks, cupholders tracklighting and more